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CSRG activity in European programs

Centre of Excellence for Research and Education in Chemical Analysis and Advanced Materials for Sustainable Development of Environment (ENVIMAN)

Head: Prof. Zbigniew Brzózka

The activity of the Center will be focused on four topics:

  • the design of modern analytical systems for environmental monitoring,
  • the development of hyphenated techniques for speciation, ecotoxicology and art preservation,
  • the design and development of new materials for environmentally friendly energy conversion and storage devices,
  • studies on new ecological materials (green monomers, biodegradable polymers)and development of cleaner technologies for chemical recycling of plastics.

Centre of Microsystems Design and Technology (COMBAT)

Head: Prof. Ryszard Jachowicz

Research focus of the Centre:
Our "informal" Centre of Microsystems Design and Technology unifies at the moment 8 research groups from different departments (Sensor and Microsystems Research Group, Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics Devices Division, Chemical Sensors Research Group, Group of Piezo-Microsystems, Optoelectronics and Hybrid Devices Division, Optical Engineering Division, Analog Electronic Circuits Group, Division of Precision and Electronic Products Technology). Groups are working together on development of "tools for microsystems design and fabrication". Particularly we are working on:

  • theoretical modelling of micromechanical structures (deflection, stress distribution, thermal expansion in mechanical and chemical microsytems),
  • computer aided design (algorithms and programs),
  • technological processes specific for microsensors and microsystems,
  • fabrication of special devices (semiconductor humidity sensors, universal gas sensors structure, optic fibre switches, SAW gas sensors, etc.),
  • packaging and maintenance dedicated for sensors and microsystems.
Warsaw University of Technology
Department of Analytical Chemistry
Noakowskiego 3
00-664 Warsaw, Poland

phone: +48 22 234 5427
fax: +48 22 234 5631